To promote informed advance planning
for funeral and memorial arrangements.

About Families First Memorial Society

Families First Memorial Society is a consumer education organization that offers you the information and encouragement you need to plan final arrangements appropriate to your personal beliefs and circumstances.

The greatest obstacle to free choice in making funeral arrangements is the mystery that surrounds the physical and financial facts of death. Planning a funeral should be a simple business transaction, a purchase of services. What makes it different from buying a home or car is the speed with which it must be done, the emotion involved, and the lack of knowledge of the average consumer. A funeral or memorial service should be what you and your family want and can afford.

Families First Memorial Society aims to give people the freedom of informed choice through education. By informed planning, members can make arrangements that will encourage both the acceptance of death and the affirmation of life for those left behind.

If you believe...
That by informed planning now, you can spare your family unnecessary anxiety and expense at the time of your death;

If you realize...
That such planning is as sensible and as natural as making a will or buying life insurance;

If you would like...
Accurate and up-to-date information on the practical details of funeral arrangements, cremation or burial, a list of cooperating funeral directors with their prices, methods of donating organs or bodies to medical science, and, above all, a clear and sensible method of implementing your wishes;

Then join Families First Memorial Society. Please visit our Membership Fees page for more information.
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